Announcing the New Kane Kennel Feeder

The Kane Kennel Feeder (KKF-18) is built of lightweight, durable, high-density polyethylene. It holds about 5 pounds and has an attached lid, to help keep food dry and clean.  The lid features a live hinge and snaps shut for a tight fit.  An extended trough, with a stainless steel guard, allows the feeder to be placed outside the kennel.

Overall dimensions are: 11” High; 9”Wide; 13” Deep. The trough dimensions are: 9” by 9”.  The Kane Kennel Feeder (KKF-18) is built Kane tough and Made in the USA.  It will be available for sale starting June 2019.

Kane Kennel Feeder KKF-18 front view
Kane Kennel Feeder KKF-18 back view
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