Milk Replacement

Kane Milk replacement Drinkers

The Kane Milk Replacement Feeders are made of high density durable polyethylene, non-corrosive, non-rusting, long lasting.  The feeders are one piece construction, with a translucent, graduated milk level reservoir.

The external molded-in tube on side from reservoir to trough allows product to fill the trough only to top of tube opening.  The feeder works on the vacuum system and allows a half inch of product into trough.  As piglets drink, it allows air into the reservoir and more product into trough.

The KMF-3 is designed for the creep area of the farrowing crate. Mounts easily on creep divider, feed trough takes up minimal amount of creep floor space.  The KMF-8 is designed for use in a care center.  Also can be used in a small pen for the weaker piglets.

KMF-8 Milk Replacement


Special Features Include


  • 2.5 gallon/9 liter capacity
  • Sold individually or in packages of 6


  • 7 gallon/25 liter capacity
  • Sold individually or in packages of 2

KMF-3 Milk Replacement


Baby Pig Waterer

Baby Pig Waterers

The Kane Baby Pig Waterer is a 2 gallon/7.6 liter capacity waterer designed to mount on creep divider of farrowing crate to make watering and medicating simple, quick and clean.  The KPW-B has a stainless steel gravity flow nipple.  We recommend the waterer be adjusted to the height of approximately one inch above the baby pig’s shoulder, to prevent the baby pigs playing with the nipple and wasting the contents.

Baby Pig Waterer KPW-B


Special Features Include

  • 2 gallon/7.6 liter capacity.
  • Hang tab lid for sanitation and easy filling.
  • Use to dispense water and medication.
  • Designed for all type farrowing.
  • Key holes for height adjustment.
  • Constructed of non-rusting, non-corrosive, heavy duty polyethylene for long life.
  • Extra heavy duty nipple mounting.
  • Stainless steel nipple.
  • Nipples are replaceable.
  • Sold individually or in packages of 12.

Watering Equipment

Kane Stainless Steel Cup Drinker

The Kane Standard Cup Drinker allows pigs to drink easier and more often using this efficient, economical cup drinker. Each stainless steel cup with centered nipples serves up to 25 pigs from wean to finish and mounts easily to gates and walls. Reduce water and medication waste by 50% compared to standard drinkers and up to 43% vs. swing drinkers.

Comes with standard nipple, 36″ Stainless Steel pipe W/welded bracket.

KSCW1 Cup Drinker


Nipple Waterers

BND 1/2 in. Nipple

1/2″ Pig Nipple Drinker made of 303 non-magnetic stainless steel.


45LH 1/2 in. Nipple

1/2″ thread stainless steel feed wetter for cup bowls, Hex body.


Cleanflow 1/2 in. Nipple

1/2″ thread nipple drinker made of stainless steel and brass.

Cleanflow 1/2

Cleanflow 3/8 in. Nipple

1/2″ thread x 3/8″ guard nipple drinker of all stainless steel.

Cleanflow 3/8

General Watering Trays

PPW-2 Polyethylene Waterer

Polyethylene body with stainless steel valve cover. It won’t rust, corrode, or break.  Size: 21″ x 11″ x 4 1/2″.