Poly Pet Heat Mats with or without Rheostat

Provide the optimal climate for your animals with Kane’s Pet and Reptile Heat Mats. Made of durable, easy to clean polyethylene, Kane mats provide a safe and consistent heating surface. Perfect for outdoor pens, kennels, garages, dog houses, whelping areas, veterinary clinics, and reptile habitats.  Sizes include 13.5″ x 36″, 13.5″ x 48″, 13.5″ x 48″, 18″ x 18″, 18″ x 28″, 18″ x 45″, 27″ x 36″, 27″ x 48″ & 27″ x 60″.  Safe, comfortable, washable heat mat covers also available.  NRTL, CSA/US approved.


Poly Pet Heat Mats w/Thermostat

Your pets can enjoy a warm and cozy bed during cold weather. Kane Heat Mats are waterproof and can be used safely indoors or out, in kennels, whelping boxes, dog houses, garages or wherever your pet sleeps. Kane Heat Mats are made of durable, high density polyethylene and are manufactured to UL and CUL standards. Kane Heat Mats are easy to install and easy to clean. With an insulated bottom and thermostat, Kane pet heat mats are much more energy efficient than other heating devices and provide uniform, comfortable heat. Kane pet heat mat sizes include 18”x18” & 18”x28”.  Optional covers available as well, made of soft quilted material it provides additional “creature” comfort for your pet.

PHMS 18 18″ x 18″(45.72 x 45.72 cm)
PHMS 28 18″ x 28″ (45.72 x 71.72 cm)
PHMS 36 13.5″ x 36″ (30 x 91 cm)
PHMS 48 13.5″ x 48″ (30 x 122 cm)
PHMS 60 13.5″ x 60″ (30 x 152 cm)
PHMS 45 18.25″ x 45″(46.35 x 114.3 cm)
PHMS 57 18.25″ x 57″(46.35 x 144.78 cm)

PHMD 36 27″ x 36″(68.58 x 91.44 cm)  Double Mat
PHMD 48 27″ x 48″(68.58 x 121 cm) Double Mat
PHMD 60 27″ x 60″ (68.58 x 152.4 cm) Double Mat


Heat Mat cover made of soft polyester fabric.  Sure grip elastic corners hold the cover on securely.  The only authorized cover approved for Kane Pet Mats.  Sizes include 18”x18” & 18”x28”.

PMC18-267x346 PMC28-267x346

Heat Regulation

HMT-350 Integrated Thermostat Control

The HMT-350 Kit is available to build “special” orders for any size Kane poly heat mat. Select the size mat that fits your need and add this option to your order.

Model – HMT350 Kit, but can be “special” built with PHMS 36, PHMS 48, PHMS 60, PHMS 45, PHMS 57, PHMD 36, PHMD 48 & PHMD 60.

NOTE: The HMT-350 Kit Integrated Thermostat control is included in the purchase of PHM18T & PHM28T.


HMR-300 Rheostat

The HMR-300, Dial-A-Temp, plugs right into your outlet to provide a quick and easy way to regulate temperature. Perfect for kennels, garages and whelping areas. Just plug your heat mat into the bottom of the control and create a warm, dry environment for your small animals.

The HMR-300 can be used with PHM 18, PHM 28, PHMS 36, PHMS 48, PHMS 60, PHMS 45, PHMS 57 PHMD 36, PHMD 48 & PHMD 60.

NOTE: Included in the purchase of a PHM18R, PHM28R, PPHMS45R, PPHMD36R, PPHMD48R, & PPHMD60R.