Kane Heated Dog Waterer

Kane Heated Dog Waterer

The Kane Heated Dog/Pet/Small Animal Waterer has automatic, electric 110v thermostat that controls water temperature, no frozen water.  Tested to withstand -30 degrees windchill.   It is easy to fill and clean.  It has a large 5 gallon capacity.  It comes with self-mounting brackets.  Comes complete, just fill with water and plug in!

  • Automatic thermostat controls water temperature
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Self-mounting brackets
  • Heated—no frozen water!
  • Large 5 gallon capacity
  • Electric—110v
  • 175 watts
  • Comes complete. Just fill with water and plug in
  • Full one year warranty

KDW-H Heated Dog Waterer


Pet Watering Pans

PPW-2 Polyethylene Waterer

Polyethylene body with stainless steel valve cover. It won’t rust, corrode, or break.  Size: 21″ x 11″ x 4 1/2″.