Thermostat 30 Amp Module

If you are interested in a temperature control system for your Kane Heat Mats, we invite you to call 800-247-0038 or fill out the contact request below. One of our sales staff can help you select the right mix of equipment for your operational needs.


Please call or email your Kane Sales Team to ask about equipping your Kane Het Mats with Thermostat Temperature Controls.
Kane’s Heat Mats installed with thermostat controls are simply the most energy efficient heat mats in the world. Kane thermostats reduce power consumption by an additional 50% of the rated watts per crate listings.
Designed for the producer, Kane Heat Mats are easy to install, durable, energy efficient, and safe to operate. Kane Heat Mats insulated bottom prevents heat loss to the floor. Dead air space inside the mat, above the heater, aids in maintaining heat longer and reheats quicker. Kane Heat Mats are 80% more efficient than heat lamps.