Grain Dump Scale

M-600 Grain Scale

M-600 is designed to weigh feed for feeding systems in the swine, dairy & poultry industry.  M-600 scales fit all makes and types of grinder mixers, stationary mills, augers & overhead bins.  Scale will dump 30 times per minute, automatic counter records the dumps will weigh the product within 2% accuracy.

Scale capacity 12 lbs/5.4 kg per dump (360 lbs/163 kg per minute)
15 lbs/6.8 kg per dump (450 lbs/204 kg per minute)
20 lbs/9 kg per dump (600 lbs/272 kg per minute)

Electronic control makes feeding systems automatic.  Control switch is mounted on the side of your scale.  Each time the scale dumps, the micro switch sends a message to the pre-determined electronic counter that counts down to zero which will automatically shut off your feed supply or complete system.


M-600 Used in Brewery


Versatile Storage


Use the Kane Big Bin to store and pour any dry bulk material such as pet food, bird seed, charcoal, grass seed, kitty litter, rock salt, dry sweep, etc. The Big Bin is perfect for commercial use. Tough, durable, and easy to use. Store up to 40 lbs. of dry material. Made of heavy duty, high density polyethylene. Comes complete with cup dispenser and product level window.