Kane Poultry Feeders

Kane Poultry Feeders

Kane Poultry Feeders are made of high-density, durable polyethylene. Our solid, non-porous surface is easy to clean reducing the presence of bacteria and significantly cutting costs associated with cleaning and maintenance.

Install feeders into fencing or mount directly to the fence or wall. The feed-flow panel is ridged but pliable and is easily adjusted using the feed meter plate to maximize feed consumption and minimize waste.

24”L x 8”W x 24”H – Holds 72 lbs. of feed.

PCF-24 Poultry Feeder in Use


PCF-24 Poultry Feeder


Kane Poultry Creep Feeder

Kane Poultry Creep Feeder

The Kane Poultry Creep Feeder can be used for any dry feed materials, such as ground feeds, pelletized feeds or powder additives.  Made of high-density durable polyethylene that is non-corrosive, they will not rust and does not wear out.  There are no sharp corners for feed to wedge into and get stale. It has an adjustable meter plate for metering the amount of feed into bottom of trough.  The feed saver rolled lip on front of trough eliminates waste.

13”L x 5”W x 14”H – Holds 5 lbs. of feed.

PCF-SQ Poultry Creep Feeder in Use


PCF-SQ Poultry Creep Feeder