Kane Rotary Feeder – 8 Hole Grower/Finisher


Kane Rotary Feeders are designed for extra feed savings in automatic feed filling systems and hand filled operations. Manufactured of the highest quality materials for many years of service in the pig industry through out the world.

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Kane Rotary Feeders provide positive feed savings. The top adjustment has a locking device, which assures that the adjustment stays exactly where the operator sets it. The hopper has an inner cone that adjusts down to the feed pan cone which controls the feed flow. A cross bar just above the inner cone works as a feed agitator and keeps feed from bridging.

The hopper and feed pan are made of high-density durable polyethylene. Angle pan ring and bumpers for rotating hopper are heavy duty 304 stainless steel. Feed opening dividers, upper divider ring, bolts and lock nuts are stainless steel.

The Kane Rotary Feeder – 8 Hole Grower/Finisher is also designed for use as a finishing feeder. When used for finishing it has 8 holes that are 11 inch/28 cm wide, providing necessary head space. Handles pigs from 35 lbs/18 kg to finish (market weight) all features are same as above.